WELCOME TO Candanair

Welcome to Candan Air

With Microsoft Flight Simulator, under the umbrella of VATSIM, which operates under TRVACC division,established to share our aviation hobby, flight activity is the formation of a virtual airline.

Our goal as Candan Air Virtual is to living aviation as possible as realistic passion in VATSIM and to keeping it live, to sharing information on issues related to aviation, to endear of aviation without any commercial or financial conflict of interest.

VATSIM in which we operate with our staff have sufficient knowledge, skills and equipment available in aviation and surely rising and growing day by day, the ability to fly at every point in the world.

Since the establishment of Candan Air Virtual put their signature under many successes according to the vision and mission and looks to future with confidence.Candan Air Virtual will continue to keep the same line of larger goals and making it better.


Pilots 3
Aircraft in fleet 2
Routes 0
Total hours: 15.17
Flights total 17
Flights Regular 0
Flights Charter 17
% Flights Regular 0.00 %


CallsignPilotDepartureArrivalDateFlight Time
CXD001Ibrahim Candan  EDDL  EDDN 2019-01-19 0.75
CXD029Ismail Duman  LTAI  LTFJ 2019-01-15 0.86
CXD029Ismail Duman  LTBJ  LTAI 2019-01-14 0.69
CXD001Ibrahim Candan  LTBJ  LTAI 2019-01-13 0.68
CXD029Ismail Duman  LTFJ  LTAN 2019-01-10 0.70


CXD159-Safa İNALTEKİN2018-12-28
CXD029-Ismail Duman2018-12-21
CXD001-Ibrahim Candan2015-02-14



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